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James A. Munyan
(865) 551-9790
32973 Shoppes at Long Neck Blvd Apt 1
Long Neck, DE 19966

Seasoned web development professional with over two decades of
experience in PHP, JavaScript, and front-end technologies. Proven track
record of successfully delivering dynamic and user-friendly websites,
managing client projects, and implementing technical solutions. Skilled in
WordPress administration, DNS management, Server Administration and SEO.
Adept at multitasking and collaborating in fast-paced agency environments.

● Programming Languages: PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, Python, HTML5,
CSS, FiveM Lua, jQuery, Bootstrap, Sass, Node.js
● Web Development Frameworks: WordPress, CodeIgniter, Fivem
● Data Technologies: MySQL, MsSQL, Postgres, NoSQL, Excel Sheets, flat
files, SQLite
● Tools & Platforms: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google
Tag Manager, Chrome Inspector, Crontab, Screaming Frog, VMware,
Docker, Virtual Box
● Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, MAC, FreeBSD
● Version Control Systems: Git, Source Tree, GitHub, Bitbucket
● Project Management: Coordination of client requests, managing
multiple websites simultaneously, Working with multiple departments
and vendors
● Technical Skills: DNS management, website optimization, SEO best
practices, Server Administration
● Communication: Clear communication with clients and team members,
training staff in web development best practices